“Is the Ivy League Superior?” — A Lolita Bar Debate Recording

On October 3rd, 2007, at the Lolita Bar in New York City, the question, “Is the Ivy League Superior?” was debated. Mr. David Robinson argued in the affirmative, while Ms. Michele Carlo argued in the negative. Todd Seavey hosted, while your humble blogger, Michel Evanchik, moderated.

Below is an audio recording of the night’s proceedings:

“Is The Ivy League Superior?” debate audio recording

(Apologies that the file is so large at 93 MB. This is my first go at publishing an audio file.)

2 Responses to ““Is the Ivy League Superior?” — A Lolita Bar Debate Recording”

  1. Marianna Says:

    unrelated to your post, but i think you might find this …. ah… disturbing? Our government in action:

  2. Shane Says:

    Isn’t there a bartender at Lolita named Michel? Is that you?

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