Why I Hate the Wordpress Editor

I mean, copulating Infernos, why is it that my self-hosted Wordpress blog can’t easily post an embedded Youtube video? The version of Tiny MCE that comes with Wordpress loves to mangle my formatting of code, if you save directly from the code part of the editor, you are fine. If you ever slip into the visual portion of the editor again, even to later edit a posted piece, it mangles the tags and rearranges them and the formatting and reeks havoc with the entire post, breaking enough stuff so that the entire site’s layout gets schtupped. Even turning off the visual editor does not solve the problem

And I’m using a nice default installation of Wordpress with few plugins activated, using the default Kubrick frame, with few alterations, none of them at a logic level.

It’s not just embedding video that is a bear. Even embedded images can cause aggravation, never quite aligning right.

For me, the greatest aggravation is that the “code” section of the editor is not really the final code. Coding like tags for <p> and <br /> get magically transmogrified or created on a level inaccessible and invisible to the user. When I want to see the code, I want to see it complete an unexpurgated. I don’t want the editor protecting me from my deprecated tags and non-strict XHTML. I’m an adult. It’s my blog. I can handle it.
So why don’t I hack it myself, or use a plug-in? I have found Wordpress plugins to be generally of beta quality, with lots of niggling problems and an incompleted feel to them. I am not a hacker. I don’t know the code well enough, and to learn it and then implement a solution takes more time than kludging together a makeshift solution, and the small aggravation of slight imperfection in formatting annoy me less than the trouble of fixing them would.

The Wordpress user forums are fine, but I have found, especially with the constant updating of the code, that answers are often out of date, and even then they are rarely ideal solutions. Getting one’s own questions answered is hit and miss.

A content management system (CMS), meant to satisfy a wide and diverse user base, is a difficult beast to wrangle. Wordpress is the best I have come across, for my purposes. But it still annoys me.

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  1. sylv3rblade Says:

    You can opt to use Windows live writer
    the only thing you can do there so far is add tags for UTW
    Categories, tables and even videos can be easily added without much switching to the code view and having your post cleaned to the point that it doesn’t work anymore

  2. Michel Says:

    I’m a little unclear on how Windows Live Writer would help me. Does it bypass the editor and dump everything right into the database? And if I access a post without the Live Writer, won’t the post just get remangled?

  3. andar909 Says:

    hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.

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