Online IQ Test — How Smart Are You?

Here’s an online IQ test that uses pattern recognition:

I’m above the curve but not as smart as I thought I was. I certainly did not do well enough to post my score online : (

The test is timed at forty minutes for 39 questions, and the questions do get progressively harder. You can go back and change your answers. It took me the full forty minutes to complete the test, and I rushed a bit at the end. My brain was tired afterwards.

I wonder if I would improve with practice? I expect training specific to this type of test would also be helpful. I suspect experience working matrices and linear algebra would improve one’s results. But for all my speculation, it seems a pretty good test.

I did take the test by just answering randomly a few times.  This gave an average score of about 80 (100 being average).  This seems to invalidate some of the test’s usefulness, at least on the lower level.  As a corollary, if you are advising an imbecile on how to score well, suggest that he just guess!

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