Flushing Meadows, Beyond the U.S. Open

Last summer, Mrs. Evanchik and I, en famille et avec les enfants, enjoyed a simple day at nearby Flushing Meadows park. The U.S. Open tennis tournament was going on at the time, and we were in the park during Andre Agassi’s final match. We heard the cheers from Arthur Ashe stadium, and saw the tennis spectators being bussed through the park on the way to the stadium. We enjoyed ourselves watching the Latin American soccer clubs play ball at professional levels, while our son Jack kicked a soccer ball with another little boy. We wondered, as we ate some delicious empanadas bought ata park vendor’s stall, how much the tennis spectators were missing of this vibrant, exciting park, and we were amused that the soccer players and their fans couldn’t have cared less about the tennis tournament.

Mrs. Evanchik was so struck by the disconnect of the tennis tournament to the regular full life of the park, that she decided that it should be documented, so working with video wizard Mathew Orr at the New York Times, that is what she set about to do.

Here is the product of their work, a great video about the life of the park outside of the fancy gates of the U.S. Open.

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