American Fascism

Here’s another item for the “American Decline” file.  Apparently, there are well-connected people out there who would support a fascist America.

An article encouraging President Bush to declare himself President-For-Life was posted on the conservative web site, “Family Security Matters“.  A cached version of the article is still available online, though the original has since been taken down.  The website’s principal advisor, Barbara Comstock, was a former Justice Department spokeswoman under John Ashcroft, and is a front for an influential conservative think tank, or so it is said on the blogosphere.

The article was quickly taken down and  may just be a harmless aberration, but one has to wonder how many conservative fifth-columnist are really out there, ready to turn the United States of America into a banana-republic style military junta.  The list of advisors and directors for Family Security Matters has some recognizable public names on it, and they really should reconsider the company they keep.  Even worse, maybe they have considered the company, and decided that they liked it.

I wonder if I’m putting myself on a secret enemies list just by writing about this.  What’s most frightening is that it is not an idle thought.  Something is going very wrong with this country.  There is an air of fear and paranoia that has no proportion with the pipsqueak terrorists that we are supposedly being protected from.

I’m just hoping that we make it to free elections in 2008, that we get some good and honest national leadership, and that enough of the country is courageous enough to demand a return to a free and civil society.   I like to think everything will be okay.  I believe that the bad guys are just incompetent and paranoid, not brave or evil enough to ruin this country.  But I’m not one-hundred percent sure, and it bothers me to lack confidence in the integrity of our government.  I’ve never been struck with such angst over our country’s future.

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