Are There Children On Violent Acres?

I like the site Violent Acres.  It’s funny and witty and well-written.  As the author herself points out, the Internet is generally too nice and her wit is acid enough to burn up a few sacred cows.  Her philosophy is basically common-sensical libertarian, with a strong streak of self-reliance and distrust of arbitrary authority.  The author maintains her anonymity, so I will refer to her as Ms. Acres in the context of this post.

Ms. Acres writes frequently about child-raising, often with acerbic astuteness, but like her spiritual and philosophical soul-mate, the science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein, I wonder how much of her experience is first hand, from start to finish, with children of her own?  What is clear is that she has stepchildren from her husband’s previous marriage whom she supervises occasionally.  She also has shown justifiable disdain for the moral supersession of absent biological fatherhood over a good step-dad.

Her most recent post speaks of the humiliation of being an adult waiting in line for the latest Harry Potter book.  Given her frugality, and the high cost of competent baby-sitting, and her complete silence on the matter. I find it hard to imagine that Ms. Acres has children of her own that she watches on a full time basis.

I like Ms. Acres writing.  I like a lot of what she says about child-raising and wish more parents had her point of view.  I am not so dull as to assert that those who observe rather than participate in an activity are incompetent to comment thoughtfully on it.  I just look forward to the day when Ms. Acres bitch-slaps herself, admitting that dealing with her own kids full-time is nothing like she imagined, and that her idealistic notions are like tattered tissue paper in the face of one’s own screaming infant child.

It’ll be just my foot-in-mouth luck that Ms. Acres has some serious biological bar from bearing children, allowing her tragical immunity from my existential barb.

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