Waste Your Time with TD

I should be writing about the debate I moderated last night, about the erudite debatrices, about the fascinating conversations I had afterwards. But instead I am digesting a delicious veal parmigiana sandwich and wasting my time with the latest Tower Defense (TD) game.

I was turned on to TD games by that great time-wasting resource, Good Experience Games. I started out with Flash Circle TD, and eventually mastered it. I didn’t feel so bad about my time-wasting when I learned that Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame was a fan of the TD games. I then tried Desktop Tower Defense, but quickly found it too cute. Now I am trying to save the virtual world in the best version yet, Vector TD.

I still have to digest my veal parmigiana sandwich, and my notions of how to bring nostalgia, free love, and declining birth-rates into a coherent conceptual whole. It’s hard to think when your blood is in your stomach, and not in your brain.

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  1. Danielle Says:

    Haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed

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