Palestine and the Sopranos

As I read about the civil war going on between Fatah and Hamas for control of Gaza, I can’t help but be reminded of the last episodes of the Sopranos, of two rival gangs of gangsters murdering each other over petty differences and the spoils of their bandit kingdoms.

Doubtless the Israelis must be to blame for all of this.  After so much bloodshed and repression, can the Arab world ever hope to live in peaceful Western-style normalcy?  It took the Europeans two successive bloody World Wars to find harmonious coexistance.  The United States’ Civil War’s legacy is still felt today in an inflated federal government and the remnants of Jim Crow.  Even the saintly Scandinavians had their moments of social crisis in the nineteenth century.  The Finns allied with the Nazis in World War II, though it was a matter of self-preservation.  Don’t bother looking to the noble savages of the Pacific isles for paradise.  They practiced cannibalism into the twentieth century.

Perhaps the Man on the Moon or the Martians or Venusians can teach us how to get along.  Alas, modern science tells us they are just a fairy tale.

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