7 Websites For Your News Fix

These seven websites are great places to go for your news. It is a list that encompasses both the beautiful and the sublime, the muckrakers and the apologists, the new and the old, the funny and the serious:

  1. The Drudge Report: Tawdry, blunt and unreliable, Matt Drudge knows how to keep you entertained and keeps a myriad of zeitgeists updated with simple links and headlines. The man has a nose for the news. From celebrity gossip trivialities to scientific breakthroughs to war and peace to the pulse of the corridors of power, to inconsequential stories of human weirdness, the Drudge Report is fascinating and fun to read. This is tabloid journalism at its best on the web.
  2. The New York Times Online: Nothing matches the integrity or breadth or depth of the New York Times coverage of world affairs and culture. This is the paper of record. And Mrs. Evanchik works there.
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  3. Fark: Sort of like the Drudge Report, only funnier. It is the chronicle of petty abuses of power and human idiocy. And there is an occasional weepy feel-good story to tug at your heartstrings.
  4. Arts and Letters Daily: A shrewd picking of the pithier essays and stories of the day from a wide variety of authoritative sources. The site to go to when you want a deeper analysis of things.
  5. BoingBoing: A smart and eclectic self-described “directory of wonderful things”. It presents the soulful side of the technologically-accelerating borderless world of the twenty first century. From the silly to the poignant, from the outrageous to the inspiring.
  6. Ars Technica: A good source for considered computing, scientific, and technological news. They go beyond the breathless hype of press releases with some welcome thoughtful scepticism.
  7. Yahoo Sports: The best source for up-to-the-minute sports news, with the added benefit of commentary from the veteran reporters of The Sporting News.

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